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Providing modern turnkey building solutions to the industry at large

Shell Case is a construction company that uses modern building materials and methods to deliver a variety of buildings and structures that are green, energy efficient, durable, of a high quality, and aesthetically pleasing.

The Patented system (PPBS) makes use of capsulated insulated panels, which are unique, interlocking, has its own structural strength, are SABS tested, Agrèment certified, and also successfully tested in Australia and Chile.

By delivering superior cost effectivce buidling solutions for more than 30 years, not only in South Africa but to many of our Southern African neighbours and America, Shell Case has established itself as the construction company of choice for modern energy efficient buildings and structures.

Shell Case is a registered B-BBEE company, proudly South African, registered at CIDB, and is also CMS accredited.

Patented Power Profile Building System


  • The system has been tested and approved by the South African Bureau of Standards for its structural integrity and strength.
  • The system not only complies with, but exceeds the safety standards set for fire, noise reduction, and weather durability.
  • The system comprises of profiled 52mm panels consisting of specially profiled capsulated metal sheeting with a high density polystyrene core. The metal sheets interconnect to offer high strength, allowing the system to be used for both walls and roofs.


  • 52mm Polystyrene core of density 16kg/m³, encapsulated by 0.5mm Zinc-Aluminium sheets with an AZ150 coating. These light weight panels (7kg/m²) make for easy handling and transport.
  • The encapsulation of the fire resistant polystyrene at every 405mm ensures the non-combustibility of the panel and guarantees it retains its integrity. The panel, when used with a 15mm Fire Stop Board, is certified and tested by the CSIR to withstand fire for a minimum period of 30 minutes.
  • The use of the same capsulated system for roof covering allows for insulated Mono and Pitched roof possibilities which can be spanned unsupported for up to 4.5m.
  • The interconnection of the capsulated panel donates to the structural integrity of the panel, thus creating a panel that does not need to be supported structurally in the case of single storey buildings.


  • The application of the Power Profile Building System is limited only by imagination.
  • Our standard product range includes, but is not limited to; schools, clinics, classrooms, ablution blocks, early child development centers (ECD), housing, churches, mining camps, barracks, office blocks, police stations, etc.
  • Our premier offering is our specialized structures, designed and built to specification.
  • The system is compatible with all types of finishes. Your look, feel, and aesthetics are only limited by your budget.

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Shell Case has a large fleet of delivery and site vehicles to deliver and erect your buildings.


Shell Case Erection Teams are accredited, well trained, and well equipped to provide fast, hassle free installations anywhere in South Africa and Southern Africa.

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By partnering with only the best service providers, the team at Shell Case can take care of all the civil works of your project. A hassle-free one-stop solution.


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Shell Case is a construction company using modern building materials and methods to deliver a variety of buildings and structures that are green, energy efficient, durable, of a high quality, and aesthetically pleasing.

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