The market leader in Law Enforcement Infrastructure

The demand for law enforcement infrastructure is growing rapidly as our population grows, as our population migrate, and as special need areas appear and shift. We need to adjust to these challenges quickly, efficiently, and in a cost effective manner whilst at the same time creating a safe, modern, and comfortable environment for our office bearers and citizens.

Shell Case has been servicing this sector very successfully in both urban and rural areas and has developed extensive experience and expertise in this field. Our solutions have been used extensively by the South Africa Police Services (SAPS) providing complete police stations, holding areas, interview rooms, office space, meeting rooms and much more.

Turnkey Solutions

Shell Case has a turnkey solution to suit your needs and budget. All solutions can be customized and equipped to suit your requirement and the environment in which it will be deployed.

Fast, Flexible, Cost effective solutions to keep up with the ever changing and growing law enforcement needs.

Our insulated system and erection teams provide a cost effective, durable, aesthetically pleasing turnkey solution in a fraction of the time taken by conventional outdated building methods.


Shell Case has a large fleet of delivery and site vehicles to deliver and erect your buildings.


Shell Case Erection Teams are accredited, well trained and well equipped to provide fast, hassle free installations anywhere in South Africa and Southern Africa.


By partnering with only the best service providers the team at Shell Case can take care of all the civil works of your project. A hassle free one stop solution.

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Shell Case is a construction company using modern building materials and methods to deliver a variety of buildings and structures that are green, energy efficient, durable, of a high quality, and aesthetically pleasing.

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